Substantive Changes

Substantive Change includes any major change in the program. In order to maintain accreditation, the Program Director must inform CAATE of any substantive change such as the appointment of a new Program Director, a change in the Program format, etc.  All substantive change documentation is now submitted within e-Accred. The following categories for substantive change are available.

  • Change of Program leadership where:
    • Program Director is new faculty member/employee
    • Existing Program Director takes leave of absence
    • Existing faculty member/employee appointed as a permanent Program Director
  • Relocation of program (change in department)
  • Change in sponsoring organization accreditation status
  • Change in program resources from the sponsoring organization
  • Other

The documents required for each change are listed below in the appropriate category and can be uploaded to e-Accreditation. Documentation will be reviewed.  If additional information is requested, the program will have 30 days to respond.

Program Director Changes  Administrators are responsible to complete a substantive change request and upload appropriate documentation within 30 days of anticipated or actual departure of the Athletic Training Program Director. Failure to do so will result in the program being placed on Administrative Probation. The CAATE Office will update the Program Director information in eAccreditation after review and acceptance of the appropriate materials. All other program administrators may be changed within e-Accreditation by the Program Director by adding a user to the User tab and then selecting that user as an official on the Officials tab.

Instructions and documents to be completed for Program Director change. All documents will be uploaded to the substantive change tab in eAccreditation.

Program Director Change Documents

Residency Program Director Change Procedures