Dale West
Executive Director
512-733-9700 ext 700
Todd Neuharth, MA, ATC, CPH
Director of Accreditation
512-733-9700 ext 705
Contact Todd with questions about Professional Program Accreditation, Peer Review, and Standards.
Ashley Ahearn, MS, ATC
Associate Director of Accreditation
512-733-9700 ext 702
Contact Ashley with questions about Professional and Residency/Fellowship Program Accreditation, Pursuing Accreditation, and Standards.
Maeceon Lewis
Accreditation Coordinator
512-733-9700 ext 703
Contact Maeceon with questions about accreditation, Peer Review Committee, and Review Committee.
Buffie Winfrey
Accreditation and Operations Coordinator
512-733-9700 ext 701
Amelia Rennie
Operations Associate
(512) 733-9700 ext.706
John Curle
Finance Manager
Nicole Verrone
Education Coordinator
Laura Werfelmann
Events Manager
(312) 673-5585
Kevin Hurley
Marketing Director
Laura Ludka
Marketing and Communications Manager
(312) 673-5469
Madeleine Sheifer
Marketing Associate
(202) 367-2371
Alexa Schlosser
Editorial Manager
Monica Roselli
Content Coordinator
(312) 673-5490

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