Accreditation Application Process

There are several essential documents to review when considering accreditation of a post-professional residency program in athletic training. Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation of Post-Professional Athletic Training Residency Programs provides step-by-step instructions to post-professional athletic training residency programs that wish to pursue or maintain accreditation. The Standards for Accreditation of Post-Professional Athletic Training Residency Programs, (Standards) outline the specific standards that must be met by all accredited programs. Its purpose is to explicitly define the requirements to achieve and maintain CAATE accreditation of post-professional athletic training residency programs.

Accreditation is a voluntary, non-governmental peer review process that strives to ensure quality and accountability, and encourage programmatic improvement. By requesting accreditation, the sponsoring institution of the degree program agrees to be assessed against the Standards. The sponsoring institution of an accredited program must comply with these Standards and use them to examine, improve upon, and report on its program’s growth and achievement. Accreditation involves a collegial process of self-review and peer review, involving three major activities:

  • A self-evaluation (self-study) by an institution or program using the Standards found on this website and culminating in submission of a self-study report to the CAATE.
  • A peer review of the self-study and the institution during a site visit to confirm the accuracy of the self-study and gather additional evidence of quality that will be submitted to the Review Committee
  • A recommendation by the Review Committee to the CAATE who will make a final decision regarding accreditation.
  • More information about applying for accreditation can be found within the Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation Document.

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