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The Program Director information may be changed by the CAATE Office only. Institutional administrators are responsible to notify the CAATE within 30 days of anticipated or actual departure of the Athletic Training Program Director. Failure to do so will result in the program being placed on Administrative Probation. The CAATE Office will update the Program Director information after receipt and review of the appropriate materials. All other program administrators may be changed within e-Accreditation.

With respect to in person or phone conversations with program consultants or any third party, the CAATE will communicate with outside parties regarding a program only with the program director or an administrator present.

Downloadable Accredited Program Seal

This seal may be displayed on the website of any CAATE accredited program

Professional Program Document Repository

Program Director Change Documents

CAATE Policy and Procedure Manual
Pursuing and Maintaining Accreditation For Professional Programs
Accreditation Fees for Professional Programs
On-site Materials for Professional Programs 2016
2012 Professional Standards
5th Edition Competencies
CAATE Reprint Permission Request for Athletic Training Educational Competencies
CAATE Reprint Permission Form

Compliance Expectations During Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation

Professional Program Tables

Budget Table
EAP Table
Faculty and Instructional Staff Table-updated
Individual-Student-Clinical-Assignment-Table (2)
Instructional Aids/Equipment/Supplies Table
Program Description and Accessible Documents
Student Records Table

Standard 11 (2012 Standards)/Standard 6 (2020 Standards)

Analytic Progress Report and Action Plan
Algorithm for BOC Pass Rate Standard(s)

A program’s three-year aggregate first-time pass rate on the BOC examination is calculated by taking the ‘total number of students who passed the examination on the first attempt’ divided by the ‘total number of students graduating from the program who took the examination’ for the most recent three test cycle years. If a program has a year(s) with no students graduating from the program and/or no students who attempted the exam, the year(s) will still be used for the purposes of calculating the program’s three-year aggregate first-time pass rate.

Voluntary Withdrawal of Accreditation

Programs that wish to voluntarily withdraw their accreditation are required to follow the process outlined in the Policy and Procedures manual.  The section on voluntary withdrawal has been copied below:

Voluntary Withdrawal for Professional Programs
Voluntary Withdrawal FAQs
Teach Out Plan

Additional Resources and Documents (not program-type specific)

Please note: BOC exam candidates who are enrolled and/or registered in their final semester/quarter prior to graduation from a CAATE accredited program are eligible to sit for the BOC exam. Qualified candidates for the BOC exam must receive confirmation of their eligibility on their exam application by the Program Director indicating that they have earned or will earn their Bachelors or Masters degree. This confirmation is of eligibility only, not an endorsement of skill/competence to pass the BOC exam. If the Program Director of a CAATE accredited athletic training program refuses to confirm eligibility for the exam application to allow a candidate to sit for the BOC exam, the student may mail the BOC an official transcript with degree and date of degree posted in a university sealed envelope and a written request for the BOC to confirm eligibility. The Program Director cannot prevent an eligible student from sitting for the BOC examination. If the program wishes to set up criteria for students to progress within the program or for graduation, the program may do that, provided that criteria are consistent with institutional policies and communicated to the student upon entrance into the program. It is assumed that if a student is not competent to practice, then such a student would not have been able to progress through, complete, and graduate from the program.

ATCAS Administration

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