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Town Hall

Town Hall with Eric Sauers   
Thursday March 10, 2022
2:00 pm EST 
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Join CAATE President, Eric Sauers, for a town hall conversation focused on current and future CAATE initiatives.
During the town hall, President Sauers will talk about the CAATE strategic initiatives, discuss the creation of new accreditation councils, and review the recent updates in pass rate standards. In addition, he will share updates on key initiatives such as CHEA compliance, ATCAS developments and the 2022 Accreditation Conference.
We encourage participants to submit questions in advance of the town hall. Please email your questions to the CAATE at

To keep our stakeholders informed, the CAATE will continue to host town hall discussions throughout the year.

Recorded Webinars

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: Starting with Why 

The ability to provide patient-centered care is dependent not only on being compassionate and empathetic but also on the understanding of how a patient’s cultural differences and personal circumstances may affect their health.

Athletic trainers who value diversity are more equipped to advocate for diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice in addition to the health needs of their clients, patients, and larger communities. To drive enhancement in patient care across the athletic training profession, overt and intentional focus on diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice must be promoted in athletic training curricula. This webinar will serve as a resource to describe why the inclusion of specific diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice curricular content standards are a necessary and precise component of patient-centered care.

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Presented by Toni Torres-McGehee, PhD, SCAT, ATC, and Luzita Vela, PhD, LAT, ATC


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice: An Overview of Terminology 

The nomenclature surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion continues to evolve, presenting the potential for communication barriers which challenge the provision of patient-centered care. The use of common language surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice can help athletic trainers communicate effectively and appropriately with patients, family members, health care professionals and others regarding these concepts. The expanding nature of the terms used to describe diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice prevents this module from being comprehensive in nature. It is the intent that this module will serve as a resource for which the concepts of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice are commonly defined in effort to improve understanding of the curricular content standards and their implementation in the athletic training curriculum.

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Presented by Amanda Tritsch, PhD, LAT, ATC, Associate Professor, University of South Florida


ATCAS Webinar

Join the CAATE to learn more about the Athletic Training Centralized Application Service (ATCAS). ATCAS is the only service of its kind that can increase your program’s viability and enrollment potential both domestically and internationally.

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ATCAS Can Help You:

  • Market your program to a large applicant pool
  • Manage application services, such as document storage and test score and foreign credential evaluation
  • Manage data and keep information secure
  • Implement best practices from other programs

Speakers: Ann Donnelly, Director, Account Management, Liaison International; David Trowers, Client Success Manager, ATCAS



Program Development and Support Webinar

Gain helpful tips and ask questions about the Comprehensive Programmatic Review during our upcoming webinar. Free to all, this webinar will make navigating the review process easier, saving you time and energy.

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Who should attend?
Program Directors and Clinical Education Coordinators who are currently working on their Comprehensive Programmatic Reviews.

What will the webinar cover?
Helpful tips for navigating the review process (15 minutes) 
Question and answer opportunity about the process

What is the webinar format? 
The webinar will be hosted in zoom. Attendees should be prepared to share your video and audio. 


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