Important Organizational Updates

As part of the CAATE’s strategic commitment to strive for organizational excellence and sustainability, we are planning to make important changes to our volunteer governance structure.

The Professional Accreditation Council and Residency & Fellowship Accreditation Council are being formed to deliberate on accreditation matters, and to make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for their review, consideration, and approval. Each council also will have committees dedicated to the peer review and standard-setting processes.

In addition, the councils and committees will be supported by expanded staff resources to manage operational and administrative matters. This will allow volunteer leadership to focus on strategy and thoughtful planning.

The goal is to increase efficiency and effectiveness, in addition to maximizing our impact and value to our two primary stakeholder communities: professional programs, and residency and fellowship programs. The changes also are designed to enhance the volunteer experience, create additional opportunities for engagement, and empower our governance model to lead, strategize, and govern effectively. 

These structural changes are a result of a comprehensive management assessment that ultimately led the CAATE to move to an association management model. By reorganizing our approach to business operations and volunteer engagement, we are on the path toward achieving our strategic goals of sound governance, quality improvement, and growth of residency and fellowship programs.

If you have questions, or would like to learn more about how you can support the CAATE by serving as a volunteer, please contact a member of our staff team.

All the best, Eric

Eric Sauers, PhD, ATC, FNATA