The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - General Questions

Program director change can be completed by logging into eAccreditation and selecting the “Substantive Change” tab and then selecting Program Director Change. Changes to the program director should be submitted 30 days in advance of the change occurring. If problems are encountered when trying to access to eAccreditation please contact the CAATE office via phone or by email at support@caate.net

A substantive change is any change made to the program that may result in a change to the delivery or process of program administration.  Examples of substantive changes include change of degree level being offered, change in program leadership (i.e. Program Director), major curricular changes, institutionally internal relocation of program (e.g. change in department in which program is housed), or a change in resources from the University.  All of these changes can be submitted in the ‘Substantive Change’ section on eAccreditation.