The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - General Questions

The competency (5th edition) analysis and mapping to courses are independent of each other, since many of the competencies will go across courses. The red boxes on the competency analysis will turn green once the competency is mapped to at least one instructional method and one evaluation method (of course you can map many more). The competency analysis is all about teaching/evaluating and the courses will map the competency to a course. You should be able to see whether something is mapped to the course on the course page. You will also see the methods and weather they are mapped or not. You do not have to upload syllabi to map. You will see the “upload missing” message in the syllabi box. The competencies only turn green when they are mapped to at least one instructional method and one evaluation method. That process is independent of matching to specific courses, as it is the expectation that competencies will be addressed in several courses thus they don’t turn green until mapped to the instructional method(s) and evaluation method(s).