The CAATE has compiled frequently asked questions for students, professionals and post-professionals. Find answers to your questions below.

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - General Questions

All Program Official changes, with the exception of the Program Director, may be done online through eAccreditation.

Program director change can be completed by logging into eAccreditation and selecting the “Substantive Change” tab and then selecting Program Director Change. Changes to the program director should be submitted 30 days in advance of the change occurring. If problems are encountered when trying to access to eAccreditation please contact the CAATE office via phone or by email at support@caate.net

A substantive change is any change made to the program that may result in a change to the delivery or process of program administration.  Examples of substantive changes include change of degree level being offered, change in program leadership (i.e. Program Director), major curricular changes, institutionally internal relocation of program (e.g. change in department in which program is housed), or a change in resources from the University.  All of these changes can be submitted in the ‘Substantive Change’ section on eAccreditation.

All programs will submit a flat fee of $5,000 ($10,000 for international programs)with their self-study. All expenses for the site visit will be covered from these funds. Programs will no longer be invoiced for expenses after a site visit. Invoices for this fee are sent upon submission of the program’s self-study in eAccreditation.  Review of the program’s self-study materials will not commence until payment of this fee has been remitted.

Under the CAATE system of accreditation, accreditation is a continuing process. Should a program not submit the self-study at the required time, the athletic training program will be placed on probation and ultimately, may have its accreditation removed involuntarily. All self-studies are due July 1st. If a program’s accreditation certificate says 2019-20, the self-study is due July 1 of 2019. The site visit must occur during a window of dates determined by the CAATE, in the fall of 2019 or spring of 2020. The program director and the site visitors (once they are assigned) mutually agree on the date of site visit. Self-studies are submitted within the eAccreditation system.

You can add a new user by navigating to the ‘Users‘ tab and selecting ‘add user.’ You can then assign them as a Program Official by navigating to the ‘Officials‘ tab.

You can review your Annual Report by navigating to the ‘Annual Report’ tab and then the ‘Review‘ tab. You can then go through each section to review any comments. The Annual Review function is made available to the programs immediately once the Annual Report has been reviewed and accepted by the CAATE

No, there is nothing that needs to be submitted to the CAATE to notify a change in CEC.  You will need to make the changes in eAccreditation in relation to officials as well as faculty profiles. Additionally, Standards 16 and 17 (2012 Professional Standards) may need to be adjusted with regard to FTE and PD/CEC course load, if that changes with this transition.

The competency (5th edition) analysis and mapping to courses are independent of each other, since many of the competencies will go across courses. The red boxes on the competency analysis will turn green once the competency is mapped to at least one instructional method and one evaluation method (of course you can map many more). The competency analysis is all about teaching/evaluating and the courses will map the competency to a course. You should be able to see whether something is mapped to the course on the course page. You will also see the methods and weather they are mapped or not. You do not have to upload syllabi to map. You will see the “upload missing” message in the syllabi box. The competencies only turn green when they are mapped to at least one instructional method and one evaluation method. That process is independent of matching to specific courses, as it is the expectation that competencies will be addressed in several courses thus they don’t turn green until mapped to the instructional method(s) and evaluation method(s).

PROFESSIONAL FAQS - Student Directory

If the student(s) recently applied for a BOC # it may not be available in the eAccreditation system yet to match. We only receive the BOC #’s to be uploaded 5 times per year.

Once you are logged in to eAccreditation, navigate to the ‘Students’ sub-tab. This will bring up all students and will show those students who are not yet matched to their BOC ID. For those students who need to be matched, click on their individual name and their student profile will pop up. You can then click on the ‘BOC Search’ tool, match the student to their BOC ID and click save. This will automatically populate the BOC Pass Rate Table.